Cultural trends in Vietnam emerged in 2017, and it was a year of collaborations, commitments, and, inevitably, continued globalization. When Spotify—another international brand with their eyes on expansion into this Southeast Asian “tiger cub” economy—launched in Ho Chi Minh City in mid-March, the music streaming service remembered to hang Vietnamese lanterns and bring a stack of conical hats to the event at the Park Hyatt. To internationals, aside from the war and pho, those are the enduring symbols of Vietnam.

But driven by opportunities for overseas study, greater disposable income, and returning Viet Kieu, Vietnam is redefining itself. Inspired, Vietcetera went looking to identify cultural trends in Vietnam that emerged last year, and ones we think will be realized this year.

Here’s what’s happening in design, branding, architecture, art, and fashion according to five local experts who are helping to redefine their industries.

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