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Year: 2015
Location: Danang, Vietnam
Site area: 1,833m2
Floor area: 1,025m2
Client: VAS Group
Photograph: Oki Hiroyuki

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Dedicated to a steel manufacturer, the office locates in an industrial park in Da Nang, Vietnam. The core principle of this project is to provide multiple transitional layers to achieve a soft and light spatial transparency. The boundaries between inside and outside, man-made environment and nature result in a simple, coherent symbiosis. One embraces the other, and vice versa.
This spatial emergence is cultivated by deep understanding of local architecture typology, using skillful composition of geometrical planes to create functional, positive spaces with view and access in related to indoor and outdoor gardens. Open spaces at front, middle, and back to facilitate cross ventilation and promote a connection to the environment. Programmatic spaces are shifted slightly to form a large indoor garden, and to allow various areas connected with a covered corridor. There are no clear boundaries between offices and nature, anyone can establish a visual, physical and emotional connection to the nature. One can take a short stroll along the interior corridor, encounter the indoor landscape, witness the contrast between light and shadow, while moving about to another space. Light dapple through punctures on the roof, makes its way thought space, and reveal the passage of time.
In the context the industrial setting, our intention is to break the typical stereotypes, while reducing construstion cost, fulfilling programmatic needs within a constrained site, and stay true to the driving. The architecture emerges not as an office but a fresh space to stimulate coexistence between humans and the natural ecology.


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